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   Network Chico can diagnose a wide range of hardware and software problems and fix your computer, printer or networking issues, replace or install hardware, service software and removal of viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and such. See more services.


   Domain reseller programs let you sell domains and hosting online instantly. And with our turnkey setup your site is online from the moment you sign up!

Reseller Program

   Build your own successful online business! We provide you with everything you need: products, support, even a professional web site.

Pro Reseller

   Set the retail pricing YOU want. There are no deposits, minimums or advance purchases required.

Basic Reseller



   Network Chico provides computer and network consulting services as well as solutions to home and business computer problems in the greater Chico CA area and the entire North Valley from Redding to Willows with travel expenses.


   Customize YOUR Web site. Add your own logo and images, customize colors and more. Or simply choose one of six ready-made designs.

Reseller Program

   Competitive Buy Rates! Sell over 50 products. No deposits, advances or revenue sharing.

Basic Reseller

   Pro Resellers take advantage of our best Buy Rates and get the most from their investment!

Pro Reseller

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